About us

The Farm Based Distillery

Deepearth Farms is a Certified Craft Distillery based in Lindell Beach, BC. A beautiful farming community only a 10-minute drive away from the famous Cultus Lake Provincial Park.

Owner Samuel grew up in the rural mountain villages of China, and has developed a unique passion and connection to agriculture. Having studied biology in university, he worked at a number of famous international food corporations. He has also built his own factory, which later became a branch of Nestle. His various working experiences prepared him for roles in the fields of manufacturing, quality control, sales, management and much more. After moving to Canada, he decided to pick up farming once again, fusing his love and passion for Chinese culture together with his experiences in agriculture. The result was the creation of a craft distillery that manufactures traditional Chinese liquor. After meticulous planning, he decided that the Fraser Valley is the best location to base the farm.

The Fraser Valley has some of the best underground water resources in the world, which has won several awards at the Berkeley Springs International Water Tasting event. The fertile lands of BC, plentiful rainfall and warm weather produces some of the finest grains. High quality water and grain are essential to distilling high quality liquor. After establishing the factory, Samuel invited an experienced expert, who had earned a master’s degree in alcohol distilling, to work with him to combine the traditional Chinese distilling technique with the modern distilling methods. After countless experiments and hard work, paying attention to every detail, he finally created an organic and smooth liquor with a touch of sweet aftertaste.