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Deepearth Farm – Deep Magic Baijiu won Double Gold Award at 2021 San Francisco World Spirits Competition

The San Francisco World Spirits Competition (SFWSC) has been one of the biggest and most influential competitions in the world of spirits since the year 2000, attracting over 90,000 competitors from all around the globe. The assessment panel includes 40 of some of the most respected figures in the spirit-tasting world, including the likes of Anthony Dias Blue, Tony Abou-Ganim, Dale DeGroff, Charles Joly and Ivy Mix. To ensure fairness, the assessment process is done blindly over a course of 4 days, with no information about the producer being revealed to the judges throughout the process. Awards include Platinum, Double Gold, Gold, Silver, and Bronze are given to the top distillers as deemed by the judges. Over the past years, winners have included famous Scotch Whiskey brand Aberffeldy and Ardbeg, Mucha Liga Tequila from Mexico Martell VSOP from France, as well as Hibiki Whiskey from Japan.

Deepearth Farm – Deep Magic Baijiu won 2021 SIP Awards Platinum Award

Local BC Baijiu from Deepearth Farm, after winning the double gold award at the 2021 San Francisco World Spirit Competition, also won the platinum award at the 2021 SIP Awards.

2021 saw the most participants in the SIP Awards since its establishment in 2009, attracting over 1,100 brands from 49 different countries. With a judging panel formed entirely of consumers, the event seeks to understand their true needs and desires. With a double blind procedure in the assessment process, the judging panel is selected randomly from 1,183 normal people to avoid bias.

To avoid randomly generated numbers skewing the results, the choice of the judges are inserted into big data.The awards are separated into platinum, double gold, gold, silver and bronze.Deep Magic is created by Samuel Sun from Deepearth Farms in BC after 11 years of dedication, using traditional craft techniques.