Distilled From Nature

Deep Magic

Beginning aromas of dried summer haze, dawn grass dew and hint of vanillin, Deep Magic Spirits fuses walnuts and ripen pear, peaked with hazelnuts, mineral and pepper shot, settled to a steamed rice bowl in one sip. Silky texture when with light meal or velvet-smoothed with strong-spiced dishes.

Deep Water Vodka

Awakening by rich flavor of caramel and roasted nuts, with aroma of wheat grass, morning mist and jasmine water.

Deep Grain Liqueur

A soothing, silky mouthfeel combines with a sweet yet mild taste and aroma that contains hint of oak, cream, fresh peach and wheat.

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Quality Comes From Nature
Deepearth Farm is located in the Fraser Valley region of British Columbia, Canada. A region known for its superior quality underground water, and has won multiple awards at the Berkley Springs International Water Tasting, also known as the Oscar of the water tasting world. Combined BC’s fertile soil, plentiful rainfall and sunlight, it produced grains with superior in quality. Superior quality water and grains are essentials to distilling high quality liquor.